A speech therapy consultation is conducted in the office of Artysta Mowy in Warsaw or online by one of our speech therapists, during a 1.5-hour meeting, which includes a speech therapy examination, interview, analysis of documentation provided before or during the consultation, summary, recommendations and planning of therapy, if necessary.

A speech therapist will help a child with delayed or impaired speech development, support in developing communication, and help develop correct pronunciation in the event of a pronunciation defect. A speech therapist will also help assess the level of Polish language acquisition in a bilingual or multilingual child and a child who is starting to learn Polish and support him or her in language development in two or more languages. It will also support children who have difficulties learning to read and write. It will help adults develop correct pronunciation and communication skills. During the consultation, the speech therapist will determine based on the examination what difficulties a given patient has and what is their cause. On this basis, he will plan therapy appropriate to the patient's difficulties and needs. If necessary, the speech therapist recommends additional consultations in or outside the office with appropriate specialists, e.g. a psychologist, orthodontist, laryngologist, audiologist, phoniatrician, dietician, etc.

Consultations at Artysta Mowy are conducted in an atmosphere of safety and kindness for the patient, we do not perform the examination against the consent of the child or adult, and we inform about the next steps of the examination. We work with children in the spirit of close parenting, based on NVC (non-violent communication). In our work, we try to adapt work methods, including examinations, to the patient's needs and capabilities. In the case of children, the examination of the child is carried out in the presence of the parent, while the interview with the parent about the child takes place without the presence of the child, who spends time with the other guardian (hence the need for two guardians to be present during the speech therapy consultation in the office). The examination and interview are based on proven tools and questionnaires for speech therapy diagnosis - in the case of children, through play adapted to the child's interests and abilities.

After completing the consultation, the patient receives a summary of the visit in the form of a first consultation card containing the most important information from the consultation, including the initial speech therapy diagnosis, recommendations and the proposed form of therapy. After the consultation, the patient can sign up for regular therapy in the form and duration recommended by the consulting speech therapist.

Speech therapy consultations at Artysta Mowy are conducted by: mgr Szymon Gacek and mgr Paulina Kwiatkowska-Masłosz.

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